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Benoît, Voluntary Carbon Markets Expert

Let’s build a sustainable future.

I help carbon market ventures create the structure and clarity they need to succeed in their product and market strategies.

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Hi! My name is Benoît.

I’m an international leader at the intersection of ecology, forestry, agriculture, business, and finance.

Organizations, like Boston Consulting Group, come to me to create clarity and structure around product and market strategies in the voluntary carbon markets industry.

In addition to consulting and speaking, I currently serve as Director of Financial Innovations at Verra, the non-profit organization in charge of the most widely used carbon crediting program in the world.

The environmental impact of investment in smallholder farmers

I was invited as a guest speaker at the 2021 World Conservation Congress. Watch my presentation below.

ReFi Podcast: Carbon & Innovation

On this ReFi Podcast episode, explore Benoît’s personal story, what it means to tackle the climate crisis while working at Verra, and get his perspective on the future of on-chain carbon markets.

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