How You Can Use the Simple Process of Writing Words Down to Increase Progress. Art Lasovsky Unsplash

The Progressive Magic of Writing Shit Down

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How You Can Use the Simple Process of Writing Words Down to Increase Progress

Drown from all the reasons you should start taking action and cease planning because there are many. Yet, here's why you should write shit down, when you should stop, and what you should do next.  

We are about to cover your checklist: 

  • Write shit down 
  • Stop writing shit down 
  • Do written-down-shit

Writing Shit Down

A famous quote goes something like this: 

"Planning by itself is useless, however, the process is invaluable." 

Now, why is that?

Every organizing system on this planet sends out a plethora of messages (or stimuli)— intentions— with a goal, an objective to achieve. This applies to you, a tree, and an ant.  

Unlike the tree and the ant, the industrial revolution catalyzed the next-level metamorphosis of the HUMAN-DOING. 

Produce. Produce. Produce.

Act. Act. Act.

Do. Do. Do. 

It has brought many of us away from our creative, artistic, and spontaneous abilities to dream, innovate, and build things that have never existed.

Ants and trees are still concerned with their same missions as they go about their daily tasks. On the contrary, we humans get caught up in our mind— the emotions, thoughts, and ego influenced by stressors. It is too easy to get caught up in the "hamster wheel" and run on autopilot each day.

WHY are you doing what you do each day?

[Enter the value of planning]

You have a purpose, perhaps it has gotten foggy and sometimes it might be misplaced or even misunderstood.

Sitting down to ask yourself:

  • "What objects do I love, cherish, and value?"
  • "What actions do I enjoy doing?"
  • "If I'm to be remembered for my contribution(s) to this planet before I die, what would that(those) be?"
  • "What can I do today, this week, this month, this year, and over the next 5-10 years to make progress towards my great contribution(s)?"

Writing shit down is a spiritual, emotional, mental, and physical REALIGNMENT PROCESS.


The reason we make plans— even though 99.99% of them are not followed— is because it sets the trajectory.

You are on your way to the gym. You know precisely how to get there, and the fastest route comes effortlessly to your mind. Without intending, you've already planned how your journey there will occur. What actually happens is: 

  • you realize you didn't grab your car keys when you got to the driveway
  • on your drive there your mother calls asking for you to pick up her medication
  • a basketball rolls into the street and you slam on the brakes to avoid an accident 

Ultimately, you got to the gym, and much of the journey was filled with unanticipated events. 

The plan to get to the gym set the trajectory, and moment to moment, other obstacles challenged you.

We write shit down as a process of planning, to set the trajectory, and aim for the target. As life goes, "nothing goes according to plan," however, the planning helps you get there in the end. 

goal planning progress writing shit down a path in the woods

When should you stop writing shit down?

"Analysis paralysis." 

We need to know when it's time to put the planning down and start getting the work done. 

Here's what you need to know before taking action: 

  • Is what I am trying to achieve absolutely specific? If yes, complete a list of the tasks necessary to achieve the goal. (For complex goals, Google search: waterfall approach, WBS, work packages, decomposition, and reverse engineering)
  • If no, identify a single activity that could elicit more clarity. List what tasks must be completed to finish the activity. (This is an iterative approach, a component of agile project management.) 
  • Schedule the listed tasks in your calendar 

—AND NOW...the moment you have been waiting for...